Surface Service

where gathers the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge

2018-05-10        15

Seated by the Atlantic Coast, New York City is the biggest city and largest port of the United States, also, crowned as the global greatest economic hub. New York City is home to the Wall Street that has mighty power in global financial circle, Headquarters of the United Nations that reflects the ideological trend of world politics, as well as the Empire State Building that is evaluated as one of the 7 Engineering Wonders of the Modern World. Moreover, it is also the world’s art center, where gathers the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. The Times Square, situated at the hub of Broadway Theatre, is regarded as the “Crossroads of the World”. With the largest population, New York City accommodates immigrants from 97 countries and regions, converging 800 languages being in use. Here, a group of social elites from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, who are specialized in medicine, biochemistry, literature and art and commercial management, jointly founded New York Teresa Cosmetics Company. Gathering the global elites and assembling the current thought, New York Teresa Cosmetics Company has established the new and vigorous cosmetics brand—Surface Service.